“The mobile web will overtake the desktop within 5 years.”

It is no surprise that as mobile phones become more accessible and as the Internet experience on a mobile phone continues to improve that mobile phone usage will overtake desktop usage.

This means that your website must be compatible with a PC as well as a mobile phone.  Unfortunately, the majority of websites are not compatible with mobile phones.

Smaller screens and fewer capabilities are just a few reasons why websites need a mobile compatible version. And with hundreds of mobile phone handsets out there, it is extremely difficult to know what it will take to make your website display properly to each handset.

The beautiful thing about wordpress is that it contains two fundamentally powerful concepts. With plugins and themes, any wordpress blog owner can customize their website with limitless options.

One of these such customizations is the WP Mobile Detector, it will automatically convert your wordpress blog to a mobile friendly version when a visitor comes to your website on a standard mobile phone or a smart phone. If they visit from a regular PC it will show your website without any modification.

How does it work?

The WP Mobile Detector installs as a plugin and puts a check on your website to determine if the visitor is using a mobile phone. It also installs two themes that will be displayed depending on the type of phone. If the user visits from a standard mobile phone, a basic mobile theme will be shown to the user. If they visit from a smart phone, an advanced mobile theme will be shown to the user.

The core focus of a wordpress mobile theme is to reduce the page size significantly and to format the content for a mobile phone by utilizing white space, font sizes, reduction or removal of images, and reduction of content on the page to fit on the respective mobile phones.

Most mobile phones can be put into two categories. Basic functionality and advanced functionality. Because of this the WP Mobile Detector loads two themes to maximize the user experience.

What’s next?

Again, if you have a wordpress blog, it is extremely simple to make your wordpress blog mobile compatible. Simply download and install the WP Mobile Detector, and you can choose any number of mobile themes to show to your visitors.

You can also install the WP Mobile Detector bundled with two themes so that after installing and activating the WP Mobile Detector Bundle, your wordpress blog will be 100% mobile compatible.