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Where do I start? is the company behind the WP Mobile Detector, a premier WordPress plugin. To see it in action, please view our WordPress mobile plugin page.

What is the big picture?’s goal is to be the number one resource for WordPress mobile websites.

How is this different from other WordPress plugins?

  • At 5,000+ devices, no other plugin detects as many mobile devices as the WP Mobile Detector.
  • The WP Mobile Detector comes pre-installed with 11 custom mobile themes, more than any other plugin.
  • Includes an interactive theme editor that allows users to build and visualize their own custom mobile theme to match the look and feel of their desktop theme.
  • Our mobile themes are the fastest thanks in part to our own custom library called jMobile.

Are there any other cool things I should know?

The WP Mobile Detector works by detecting a mobile device and displaying the active mobile theme to the mobile device instead of the active desktop theme. For desktop users, the plugin does not change anything. Think of it as being dormant until a mobile device visits!

The plugin has the ability to distinguish between smart phones and feature phones. This allows the plugin to remove items such as images, video, javascript, and other items that are not compatible with feature phones. By doing so, the WP Mobile Detector provides a great experience for less advanced feature phones. The WP Mobile Detector is one of the first mobile plugins to have this capability.

There is a free version of the WP Mobile Detector available at,

The premium version consists of additional functionality including the interactive theme editor, additional premium mobile themes, and more.

The premium version of the plugin comes in three different licenses, a single website ($50), 5 websites ($130), and unlimited websites ($250).

What is the business model? offers the WP Mobile Detector in a free version with the ability to upgrade to the premium version for a fee.

How many employees does have?

Two. Primary Executive:

  • Joshua Odmark

Can I get a logo already?


How about a couple screenshots?


Maybe a video or two?

How about a test run?

If you’re interested in taking the premium version of the plugin for a test drive, please contact Please make sure to include who you are and what publication you are representing.