How do you create a custom WordPress login page?

The WP Login WordPress plugin was created to address a frequently requested feature here at It seemed that every site we were working on wanted the login page to be integrated into the currently activated theme.

If you have ever tried to create a custom login page, you had two options. Modify the wp-login.php file or create your own custom form on a separate page.

There must be an easier way.

That is where the WP Login comes into play. This plugin takes the functionality of the ‘wp-login.php’ core WordPress file and places the forms inside the currently activated theme. This means that all of the login functionality and the reliability you have come to expect from WordPress is still there. The validation, the layouts, the styles, everything is still there.

Some developers wish to leave the login page as its own separate page outside of the currently activated theme. They just wish to change a few colors or maybe upload their own logo. The WP Login plugin can do this as well.

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