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Let’s face it: if you have any site traffic at all, some of it is bound to be coming from mobile devices. And the number of visits coming from those devices (like smart phones, pads, and tablets) is just going to keep increasing. So if your site isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re not looking your best to more and more of your visitors. It’s sad but true, my friend. But don’t worry.’s WP Mobile Detector is the fastest, easiest way to mobilize your WordPress site. In fact, if you know how to install a WordPress plugin, you have all the technical skills necessary to make your site look great to people visiting from their mobile devices!






You Decide: Your Theme or Ours

Do Legos come in just one shape and color? Does Baskin Robbins boast 1 flavor of ice cream? Have you ever heard of a florist that only carries daisies? No. That’s because people don’t like sameness and conformity in place of variety and flexibility. We’re people, and we’re betting you are too. So we know having a choice is best. That’s why we include 12 different mobile themes with WP Mobile Detector. And if one of those doesn’t suit your fancy, you can easily upload your own theme.

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But wait – there’s more! With its built-in Interactive Theme Editor, WP Mobile Detector makes it easy to Customize the look and feel of your mobile website by adding a logo, selecting colors, configuring the menu, adding analytics, and much more. So reject sameness and let your company’s personality shine through.









Second-to-none Support

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We’ve created WP Mobile Detector to be a rock-solid, reliable, easy-to-use plugin. So chances are good you’ll never need to contact us – except maybe to tell us how cool we are! But if you do have an issue or a question, we’ve got your back. We pride ourselves on world-class service and support, and we’re at the ready to help however we can. Click here for support.